Entry #1

Unlimited absence and gratitudes to friends

2013-10-16 12:16:51 by Emid

Hi guys,

I have been away after the AIM contest due the work and just got some time to post here. I think this behaviour of mine will continue for 'unlimited' period of time but at the same time I will continue to thrive making compos here and there.

Just want to take this opportunity to say that I am indepth thankful to some of my friends here specially Samulis and dem0lecule for their continuous support and help. Without them I would probably have left this forum long ago making any excuse. There are too many names to mention but I specifically name etherealwinds to wish him best in the contest. And finally, to all my friends specially xlllnon, who took time to express feelings writing down critiques, corrections and showing directions on my pieces.

Many thanks to NG as well for providing a free platform to perform.



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2013-10-16 13:59:01

Glad to see you're still around, I've been wondering when I would see music coming from your way for awhile!

Emid responds:

Aah... who is here? One of those talented and ORIGINAL guys on NG. Glad to see you too bro. The song Christe Redemptor Omnium is still wandering in my mind. I really want some time to go through your new endeavours now to put my two cents.


2013-10-17 08:11:34

Thanks for being present on this performance platform! NG is a great place.

Emid responds:

Thank you very much. Welcome back to you as well. Me following you for your very kind welcoming gesture :)


2013-10-18 19:07:28

Like you. My friend. Absence is not in our dictionary. You make my heart warms again. So glad you did not leave this place.

How have you been?

Emid responds:

Dem0leeee!!! Is it really you???!!! Can't believe. So glad to see you again my friend :)

How are you? Am ok, just been busy in locums apart from being in another city. Seriously, at least for once after a long time you are here again. I hope you will come here time to time to have some chit chat with old friends. What's new at your end? :)


2013-10-19 11:29:18

You are very kind, thank you for your pleasant wishes. I'm glad to see that you'll still be composing though! I don't suppose you use Skype to keep in contact more? ^_^

All the best!

Emid responds:

I really wish you best in the contest. You have a unique voice. Sorry, I don't use skype just due to my nature of work rather email if someone wishes to contact me.


2013-10-20 15:57:06

Glad you're back! :) SHall we have any chance to see new project from you soon? :D

(Updated ) Emid responds:

Hey Elitistinen nice to see you too friend :)

Yes, I have submitted one http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/553218. Check it out in you free time. Hope you are doing well as always :)


2013-11-11 01:59:42

Your song got frontpaged :) congrats

(Updated ) Emid responds:

Yeah, thank you so much :) I am also thankful to the NG staff which I've mentioned in the song as well.