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This piece of art had me engaged from start to the end. I am really glad that I haven't wasted a single second of my life. What a master piece! From writing to mixing everything is pro sounding. Thank you for sharing, Night.

Thank you for inviting me here.
Nice composition. Good choice of instruments. Some areas in between like legato strings are very well executed. I like when piano part and the rest till the end.

Now what I noticed that as soon as the song starts there is a heavy compression going on giving 'pumping' effect. To avoid this first of all do not use any compressor at all. Find a frequency chart of each instrument and put an Eq on every instrument and remove any unwanted frequencies that are not the part of that instrument. Find an orchestral panning chart and put the instrument on it's place. Now lower down the volume knobs and slowly move them up until everything sounds clear. Leave headroom of -3 to -6db to let every instrument breath easily. Put a gain staging plugin on master channel and slowly increase the volume. You will ultimately find a pleasant surprise that how good everything sound now without compression or effect. You can also put a limiter with it's default settings. Don not use any reverb as yet until you are satisfied. Before composing, go to youtube and listen any song which attracts you and gives you inspiration and try matching the overall impression of your song to that one. This was mixing part.

Compositionally, I didn't get any idea where it is coming from and going towards. Lots of ideas sometimes clutter the composition. It's not bad if executed rightfully. But it is easy to take a simple idea and develop a full blown song on it. And this is what everybody wants to hear because it retains in our memory and we follow the rest easily. Too long piece also loosens the interest of audience. Keep it between 3 to 3 and half minutes initially. Have a look at this to get an idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgT2oKurtk4

I like this piece very much but it needs some work. I hope what I said is not displeasing you but as I also started at some point, I needed some advice which I am handing over to you. Hope to hear quality pieces from you.


ET16 responds:

Oh no dont worry, I am very grateful for the honest review, I taking in as much advice and criticism as I can thank you emid your comments were helpful

Very nice composition. Revealing your innerself. When you listen to yourself you tend to perform good and this is what you have done here. Excellent dynamics as well. Only one thing which is up to the taste to be frank is I don't like the reverb. It is metallic not warm. But it is not undermining the beauty of this song. Anyway keep listening to yourself and we will hear more good in you :)

ForgottenDawn responds:

Thanks for your insight! Indeed, reverb is a matter of taste, but I admit that I'm quite the offender when it comes to adding reverb to acoustic instruments. I generally dislike when orchestral instruments sound dry or with such a minimal amount of reverb that you nearly can't detect it. About the "timbre" of the reverb, well, there's not much I can say there. I'll look upon it further.

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Though I am not very good at defining technicalities in an art, but I simply like the work here. It feels like a dark mythical zodiac to me. Don't know what else to say but for my liking I would probably make a bigger print and hang it inside my room. Extra points for realistic details.

samulis responds:

Hey, Thanks Emid. :)

I actually am thinking about getting it printed up on a t-shirt.

I was so much impressed by this piece of art that I made another entry song for AIM contest. 5 pages of reviews and comments very much speak of the credibility of this master piece so I decided to give it a go. Whether my song portrays this art or not, the art itself is brilliant. Thank you for allowing me to use it.

I really like this art as it has very moving colors, background foreground details, very conceptual and an alive picture. I am also thankful to you to grant me permission using it as reference art in AIM contest. Whether my piece fully reflects the art or not, the art itself is truly marvelous.

samulis responds:

Hey man, I'm so honored you decided to use my work for this contest! :O

I think you have a really interesting and unique interpretation of the piece. There's definitely some sort of darkness here with the big dark hulking mass of the castle looking over the land. Perhaps it's the knights riding to go take on the evil that occupies the castle. :)

I am in no way composer, musician, artist and whatever you may call it. I am a doctor by profession who just loves music of different genres like epic, rock, classic and any other that carries melody. Enjoy my imperfections :)

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